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NI Connections is passionate about celebrating and showcasing what makes Northern Ireland a great place to live, work, study, visit, invest and do business. It connects the diverse strands of the Northern Irish community abroad and engages with friends from around the globe. Developed by Invest NI, NI Connections provides a network for the Northern Irish diaspora to explore and contribute to the ongoing prosperity of home.

This passion comes with a purpose - to provide the diaspora with an opportunity to demonstrate the full potential of their talent and influence; all in the name of advancing economic prosperity and harmony in the region.

The global Northern Irish community is the region’s greatest asset; a well of inspiration that spans continents, industries and whole fields of expertise. NI Connections is proud to share their remarkable stories and provide genuine role models for the next generation.

Northern Ireland is of course home, but it’s recognised that in order to bring what the region has to offer to the world stage, it is necessary for Northern Irish diaspora to pursue their talents wherever they are required. It’s inspiring to know that Northern Ireland’s diaspora has such a strong global entrepreneurial influence, and we recognise that this fact has led to a cadre of international investors for whom Northern Ireland is the location of choice.

Whether you’re Northern Irish born, of Northern Irish heritage or have a strong affinity for the region, connect with NI Connections to stay in touch with the latest developments from home.  Visit the NI Connections website to discover more on how to get involved.

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