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2023/24 – supporting future economic growth

During the financial year we monitor our activity and outputs against operational targets. These in-year targets help us measure our progress towards our Business Strategy.

KPIs show growth in external sales

Our 2023 Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) show a strong increase across Sales, External Sales and Exports amongst businesses we supported. All three metrics increased by at least 5 percent on 2022 figures.

A focus on leadership can drive productivity and improve your company’s competitive edge

Catherine McGuigan is Head of Leadership and Capability in our Skills & Competitiveness Division. She sets out here why strong leadership is critical to the success of your business.

Go Further Grow Stronger – the benefits of selling outside Northern Ireland

The benefits of exporting are well documented at both a company and overall economy level. Besides offering significant growth opportunities through increased sales and enhancing resilience from economic shocks, firms exporting to a wide range of markets contribute to improving productivity, driving innovation, and their export-fuelled growth can create and sustain high quality jobs. And importantly for Northern Ireland, the distribution of export activity right across the region means that trade and its associated benefits, can be a driver of regionally balanced and inclusive growth.

Build out your construction business by exporting into Europe’s €14.5 trillion market

If you’re not already exporting to Europe, 2024 is the year to set your sights on the over 500 million consumers in 27 countries that make up the European Union (EU) market, which is worth €14.5 trillion.

Northern Ireland’s distilling pedigree putting the sláinte back into Irish Whiskey

Ireland's whiskey heritage, anchored by centuries of distilling acumen in Northern Ireland, is experiencing a renaissance, with the spirit's global sales forecasted to double in the next decade.

NI food and drink industry continues to soar in Europe

The food and drink industry in Northern Ireland is valued at £7bn; it’s a progressive industry, focused on original products which are exported to over 70 countries.

Innovation: the power behind your business

In the fast-changing landscape of business, investing in Research and Development (R&D) and innovation is not merely a choice; it is a strategic necessity to achieve sustained growth and competitiveness. As the Director of Innovation and R&D at Invest Northern Ireland, I am convinced of the transformative power that innovation holds for businesses, and the pivotal role innovation plays in the growth of our economy.

How a focus on sustainability and inclusivity gives companies a competitive edge

Increasingly, consumers look to brand values and ethics as part of their purchasing decisions. They consider issues of sustainability, inclusivity and social impact alongside more traditional elements such as price and quality. Those businesses that are focused on the green economy or are working to ensure their products are accessible to everyone have an inbuilt competitive advantage.

Northern Ireland showcases its credentials as a Global Hub for Fintech Innovation

In the competitive world of fintech, Northern Ireland is a leading global hub, earning worldwide recognition for its fintech ecosystem. The region's strategic blend of home-grown innovators and major international financial services companies has positioned us at the forefront of the industry's recent growth.

Supporting the growth of the Western region

Ethna McNamee writes in this week's Ulster Herald about how our Western Regional Office supports businesses across Fermanagh & Omagh, Armagh Banbridge & Craigavon and Mid Ulster District Council areas. These areas are known for their entrepreneurial spirit, manufacturing, thriving agricultural sector and ambitious life & health sciences and construction companies.

Why Northern Ireland is the perfect investment location for firms targeting the UK and EU markets

Companies looking for a foothold in both the United Kingdom (UK) and European Union (EU) markets should take a close look at Northern Ireland, which has unfettered tariff-free access to both.

Northern Ireland Space: A Frontier for Innovation and Collaboration

In the realm of space technology innovation, Northern Ireland stands as a unique region where industry and academia seamlessly collaborate. Our dynamic landscape, flexible, highly skilled workforce and rich history of engineering and technology excellence converge to propel us into the future of space exploration.

The changing face of entrepreneurship

As Global Entrepreneurship Week 2023 comes to an end, our thoughts turn to the future of entrepreneurship and providing the type of support business founders need to succeed.

Entrepreneurship and us...

A feature showcasing a snapshot of some of the ways Invest NI has supported entrepreneurs since over recent years.

Engineering Innovation and Dual Market Access make Northern Ireland’s Agri-Solutions more attractive than ever

With centuries of tradition in farming and a rich heritage of agricultural innovation, Northern Ireland continues to serve as a proving-ground for modern, sustainable farming solutions.

Ready, Set, GO GREEN in the global race for net-zero

Rachel Sankannawar from Invest Northern Ireland discusses the once-in-generation opportunity presented by the Green Economy.

The NI Investment Summit: Unlocking a world of opportunities for investors

This month, through the collaboration of the Department for Business & Trade, Invest Northern Ireland and the Northern Ireland Office, and with the support of countless business leaders from across Northern Ireland, the region was showcased on the global stage.

Northern Ireland entrepreneurs’ driving innovation in health care solutions

Launched in 2016, The NHS Clinical Entrepreneurship Programme (CEP) has proven to be a remarkable success in helping innovate and implement new initiatives within the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom (UK).