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Chapter 1 – Welcome & Introduction

2 minutes

Video Overview

Tim Walker, Acting Chief Executive of arc21, welcomes delegates to the Future of Food Packaging webinar and introduces the speakers for the day.

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Chapter 2 - Helping consumers to recycle better, more often

22 minutes

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Margaret Bates - Executive Director, OPRL, gives an overview of The On-Pack Recycling Label, the UK leading recycling label that cuts through uncertainty and confusion over recycling. She explains how OPRL brings together all parts of the packaging supply loop together, announces further innovations such as testing of recyclability for materials certification and plans for the future.

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Chapter 3 - Plastics Tax

12 minutes

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Philip McMurray - Head of Waste Recycling & EU Funding, DAERA, provides an introduction and the background of the Plastics Packaging Tax followed by consideration of the key policy areas including the scope of the tax, liability for the tax, exports and exclusions for small operators (de minimis).

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Chapter 4 - Food packaging, Knowledge Transfer Network case study

24 minutes

Video Overview

Joanna Calixto – MD, introduces MSO Cleland, discusses the reasons why they chose to implement a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) and considers the benefits and challenges of a KTP.

Ian Edwards - Design Manager, MSO Cleland presents the case study of the KTP which embedded the technical expertise of a chemical engineer. Ian discusses the aims of the project, reviews the implementation phase and evaluates the industry outcomes from an environmental impact perspective.

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Chapter 5 - How CAFRE can help

16 minutes

Video Overview

Ronald Gardner - Senior Packaging Technologist, CAFRE considers challenges for the industry, outlines the accredited courses to deliver packaging education that are available at CAFRE, introduces the technical testing and advice service available to industry and provides an overview of testing and machinery available. A case study is presented with Trudi Webb, Packaging Technologist with Moy Park, on the benefits of working with CAFRE for NPD transit trials and bespoke training courses.

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Chapter 6 - The Future of Food Packaging webinar Q&A

14 minutes

Video Overview

This chapter includes the Q&A session with the panel.

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The Future of Food Packaging webinar

The webinar organised jointly by CAFRE and Invest NI aims to aid packaging and food manufacturers in preparing for changing customer, consumer and legal demands. It will help practical decision making for stakeholders in relation to reducing plastics waste and supporting industry responsibilities

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