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Chapter 1 - How to maximise your market reach through memberships and associations

8 minutes

Video Overview

Charles Goodier, Head of Trade GB Advanced Manufacturing and Supply chain at Invest NI introduces the speakers for the day. He provides an overview of ‘Why join Trade Association and Organisations. Charles highlights the importance of growing your network and the benefits of doing this for your organisation. He concludes with how Invest NI can help companies through collaboration and raising the profile of Northern Ireland in the supply chain.

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Chapter 2 – Case study examples

15 minutes

Video Overview

Jenny Liu, Head of Trade GB Technology & UK DIT provides a walk-through of specific regional and sectoral networks and associations, and how they can be leveraged for business development activity.

Nick Turberville, Head of Trade, Construction & Procurement then highlights a company case study where they felt the network worked particularly well for them and crystallises why using networks are so valuable.

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Chapter 3 - Ireland/Scotland Business exchange

12 minutes

Video Overview

Eugene Mullan, Director at Causeway Exchange Ireland/Scotland Business Exchange gives us an overview of who Causeway are, what they do and highlights the benefits of good business networking and connections.

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Chapter 4 - Q&A

16 minutes

Video Overview

This chapter answers the frequently asked questions from the audience on the day.

Maximising your reach in GB

This webinar will focus on how to leverage professional organisations to expand your networks in Great Britain. It will be of interest to companies looking to grow their market outside of Northern Ireland and extend their reach into GB and beyond. The speakers will provide a walk-through of a variety of networks & associations and discuss how they can be beneficial to your business development activity.

51 minutes
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