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Chapter 1 - Introduction & Welcome

5 minutes

Video Overview

Fahd Asif, Sector Lead –Life Sciences (GCC), Invest Northern Ireland

Fahd starts by giving the audience an overview of Invest Northern Ireland’s regional presence and how it supports Northern Irish organisations doing business in the various markets here. He then highlights the significant opportunities within the region. The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is UK's third-largest non-EU export destination behind just the US and China. The region includes countries such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Amidst an ageing and expanding population, and the increasing prevalence of lifestyle diseases, the life and healthcare sector is fast emerging as a priority for these countries.

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Chapter 2 - Northern Ireland Life Sciences Sector

2 minutes

Video Overview

Paul Toner, Life Sciences Sector Development Executive provides an overview of the life and health sciences sector in Northern Ireland

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Chapter 3 - TriMedika Ltd

5 minutes

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Roy Neil, International Sales Manager, discusses the benefits of the no-contact thermometer – TRITEMP that stops the spread of infection by eliminating points of contact.

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Chapter 4 - Biopanda Reagents

5 minutes

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Philip McKee, Sales Manager, talks about his company’s cutting edge innovations in clinical testing including in-vitro test kits for clinical applications, food safety and veterinary diagnostics, and their most recent innovation, a COVID-19 Rapid Test Kit.

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Chapter 5 – Neurovalens

8 minutes

Video Overview

Dr Jason McKeown, CEO, offers eye-opening insights into two underrated global pandemics - insomnia and anxiety, and takes us through his company’s innovative non-invasive neurostimulation products that can help treat these global epidemics in addition to diabetes, and obesity.

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Chapter 6 – Liopa

7 minutes

Video Overview

Liam McQuillan, CEO, shows us how his company gives a voice to the voiceless with LipRead – its automated lip-reading technology.

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Chapter 7 - Medizar Sanitiser Products Ltd

10 minutes

Video Overview

Jeffrey Prince B.Sc. (Hons), Managing Director, takes us through the impressive range of infection control sanitisation products that are more cost-effective and user friendly than alcohol or chlorhexidine-based products.

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Chapter 8 - CIGA Healthcare

8 minutes

Video Overview

Neill Armstrong, Sales Director, discusses his company’s rapid self-testing diagnostic products, sold in over 70 countries across the world, and their range of COVID-19 tests and technology which boasts accuracy levels of 94% to 99.6%.

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Chapter 9 - MPA Recruitment

8 minutes

Video Overview

Mark Canning, Director, talks about his company’s key innovations in the healthcare hiring process and digitising recruitment programs in the healthcare sector.

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Chapter 10 - Q&A and Discussion

20 minutes

Video Overview

The panel answers questions from the attendees of the webinar on the healthcare sector and the impact of Covid 19. Moderated by Fahd Asif.

Northern Ireland: Providing innovative solutions to the world’s healthcare challenges

In this webinar, you will hear from the Invest NI team who will provide an overview of the sector in the GCC, alongside panellists from seven leading Northern Ireland companies offering insights on the future of the healthcare industry and showcasing their innovative solutions. Listen to find why Northern Ireland’s life and health sciences sector is well-positioned to address the GCC and wider Middle East’s healthcare requirements.

80 minutes
10 videos