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Operational Excellence | Mistake Proofing

12 minutes

Video Overview

In our Operational Excellence webinar series, OPEX Coach Catherine Boyle from Invest Northern Ireland takes you through how to: 

• Understand the potential for Mistake-Proofing in achieving zero defects 
• Recognise that defects can be eliminated / controlled 
• Utilise a simple, structured process for implementing Mistake-Proofing systems

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Operational Excellence | Mistake Proofing

The cost of having poor quality performance can be up to 15% of your sales, but they’re so much more than rework and scrap levels as many of the costs are hidden. 

It’s accepted that people, machines & systems can make errors, however some of these mistakes will result in defects which may end up as rejects with your customers or even lead to a safety incident. 

This video shows how using effective Mistake-Proofing devices & systems in your process will detect mistakes that occur before they are passed to your customers & in some cases, prevent errors from being made in the first place, thereby reducing these costs associated with poor quality performance.

12 minutes
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