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Practical Steps for Reducing Energy Consumption

58 minutes

Video Overview

This webinar covers a wide range of sub-topics, including: 

• Electricity supply and demand management  

• Electricity tariff structure and when best to consume  

• Heat supply and demand management  

• Energy efficient lighting, for example, LED, motion sensors  

• Lean management principles to run your business as efficiently as possible  

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Practical Steps for Reducing Energy Consumption

In this webinar, Alastair Nichol, Director of Element Consultants, Dayna McCreadie, Senior Energy Policy Officer, Consumer Council and Invest NI experts discuss solutions and support for businesses seeking to reduce their energy consumption, contribute towards Net Zero and ultimately, save costs.

This is a recording of a live webinar previously delivered by Invest NI’s Energy and Resource Efficiency Team as part of a series informing Northern Ireland businesses of solutions and support available to reduce carbon emissions and contribute to the Green Economy.

Find out how Invest NI can help support your business reduce waste and save energy.

58 minutes
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