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Chapter 1 - Invest NI in Japan

8 minutes

Video Overview

Mark Graham, Invest Northern Ireland’s Regional Director for North East Asia provides an introduction to the session and outlines Invest NI’s journey in Japan.

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Chapter 2 - Partnering with Japan

14 minutes

Video Overview

In chapter two, Marie-Claire Joyce, Head of Trade at the Department for International Trade discusses the UK-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) and how it could benefit Northern Ireland businesses exporting to Japan.

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Chapter 3 - First Derivatives in Asia

20 minutes

Video Overview

Nick Shindo, Sales and Business Development Director at First Derivatives – a leading consulting and software company – outlines the business’s export journey in Asia, particularly in Japan.

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Chapter 4 - Doing business in Japan

13 minutes

Video Overview

Steve Crane OBE, CEO of Business Link Japan and Export to Japan discusses the practicalities and benefits of exporting to Japan and how Export to Japan can assist Northern Ireland companies.

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Chapter 5 - Q&A

14 minutes

Video Overview

This chapter concludes the tutorial with a short question and answer session from the webinar.

Spotlight on Japan | An insight in to doing business with Japan

This video tutorial, in partnership with the Department for International Trade and Export to Japan, introduces Japan as an export market for Northern Ireland businesses.  It also explores the recent United Kingdom-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership – a free trade agreement between the two countries. As part of the tutorial, local company First Derivatives discuss their export journey in the market. This tutorial is a recording of a recent webinar.

69 minutes
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