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Supply Chain | Digitisation in the Supply Chain

43 minutes

Video Overview

In this tutorial, we hear from Senior Supply Chain Advisors, Stephen Drummond and Jo McVeigh, E-Business Manager, Kevin Johnston and E-Business ICT Adviser, Mark Allison.

They discuss the importance of digitisation in the Supply Chain, and provide participants with an understanding of:

• Supply Chain Processes

• Modern Integration

• Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

• The Cloud

• Digital Twin

• Management Information Systems grant (MIS)

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Supply Chain | Digitisation in the Supply Chain

Supply chain is an integral part of most businesses and can positively or adversely affect cost in terms of material costs, operational efficiency and working capital.

Digitisation in the supply chain can help improve efficiency, visibility, customer experience and reduce costs. This tutorial includes practical tips and examples of how companies have used digitisation to improve their business.

42 minutes
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