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Supply Chain | Supplier Negotiation

44 minutes

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In this Supplier Negotiation webinar, Brian Durnin, Senior Supply Chain Advisor from Invest Northern Ireland, will take you through:

- Researching your suppliers and the market

- Analysing key supplier information

- Carrying out a supplier SWOT

- Establishing points of leverage and counters to suppliers

- Developing a negotiation strategy – mandate, leverage, scenario planning

- The art of negotiation – preparation, discussions, proposals and bargaining

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Supply Chain | Supplier Negotiation - Preparation and Engagement

Effective supplier negotiations are critical to successful supply chain management, but are little understood by many organisations. For negotiations to work, they require purchasing professionals to develop their engagement skills, and be well practiced in detailed preparation ahead of any supplier interaction.

Our Supplier Negotiation webinar will highlight how you can take action to make your engagement more effective and how you can develop your purchasing team so it delivers value and reduces costs.

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