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Training Within Industry

24 minutes

Video Overview

This webinar will give you a high level understanding of the Training Within Industry and look at areas such as:

•    Can we exploit Lean Thinking to help our shop floor people & leaders, see the change needed and respond to those challenges on a timely basis?
•    Helping you with the current crisis and help people to learn on the shop floor.
•    The 5 needs of a supervisor comprising knowledge and skill to do their job. 
•    How knowledge of the work and responsibilities are specific to each company.
•    How supervisor skills of instructing people, skills of good job relations and skills of improving the job is unique to the TWI way of working.

Learn to lead on the shop floor and adapt to change with TWI

People who are constantly learning are more equipped to deal with change and adapt for business survival. Starting Training Within Industry will help you to learn faster on the shop floor and is a good step on to the learning ladder and reconnecting ‘thinking with doing’ at the front line management and operator level.

24 minutes
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