Insights from our global network

Access expert insights from our global network to get an insider’s view of overseas markets.

Success in international markets can be game-changing for businesses.  All the evidence shows that as well as growing their turnover, exporters tend to be more innovative, productive, competitive and resilient.

So, looking to export your product or tradable service? We can support you throughout your export journey with research, guidance and assistance from local and international experts.

Experienced trade advisors with commercial expertise in Northern Ireland and in 24 locations around the world deliver wraparound advice, guidance and capability development programmes to help you assess your export-readiness, devise your export strategy, and prepare you to explore & maximise opportunities in new overseas markets.

Our in-market teams are on hand to provide tailor-made, market and sector specific insights, practical know-how and access to networks to help you maximise opportunities and navigate the challenges of identifying new customers and entering new overseas markets - bringing a world of expertise within reach.

Invest NI’s in-market trade specialists can assist with:

  • Market scoping
  • Lead generation
  • Partner and/or distribution research
  • Introductions to potential clients in-market
  • B2B meeting scheduling
  • In-market support when attending trade shows or conferences
  • Facilitation of inward buyer visits to Northern Ireland (accommodating international contacts in Northern Ireland)
  • Due diligence
  • Export opportunities

They can also provide bespoke assistance in areas such as relevant pricing models, competitor benchmarking, visa and custom requirements, as well as building your brand presence overseas.

With dedicated teams active across four global territories, Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe and IMEA (India, Middle East and Africa) - we are here to help you on your export journey.

Video Playlist | Discover how Invest NI’s in-market teams across four global territories are here to assist exporters, their insights on Covid-19 impacts and key market opportunities

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Not sure that this support is right for you? Contact us and we can explore options for your business together.

Our support is subject to eligibility criteria.

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