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About the programme

Transform the way you lead to drive the sustainable growth of your business.

Our Leading within a Group programme focuses on developing strategic leadership growth. It is primarily aimed at site leads or senior executives of companies with a subsidiary located in Northern Ireland and a parent company based elsewhere.

How can it help my business?

Facilitators expert in international business best practice will educate, motivate and inspire you to think and act differently.

One to one coaching from skilled executive coaches will enable you to develop and own a growth action plan for the NI site of your business.

It will help you to strengthen leadership skills specific to a broader group context and build networks with peers.

For more information download our Leading within a Group Programme (PDF).

What is the programme structure?

Our Leading within a Group programme offers a blended learning experience with three key elements. These include:

Executive Education - Irish Management Institute

Executive education focuses on strategy, leadership, and performance. It uses skilled facilitation, international case studies and keynote speakers to provide you with practical tools and techniques to help develop leadership competencies. There will be two 2-day executive education residentials delivered over the programme.

Executive Coaching - Wilson Sloan Consulting

Executive coaching will translate the executive education learning into practical, actionable change for you and your organisation. It will empower you to be a more confident, capable, and effective leader to deliver on growth ambitions. Three and a half days / 26.25 hours of one-to-one coaching support will include coaching diagnostics and psychometric exercises and techniques.

Facilitated Peer Networks

Working with other leaders facing similar challenges will provide you with an opportunity to engage, learn, share experiences and identify potential business growth opportunities.

Is my business eligible?

Invest NI customers who can demonstrate they meet the following criteria are eligible to apply.

  • Must be located within Northern Ireland and be part of a group with a parent company based elsewhere.
  • Must be the site lead and can demonstrate their ambition to grow and develop themselves and the Northern Ireland site.
  • Can demonstrate commitment and availability to work with the executive coaches, attend residentials and participate in peer networks.

Programme costs / what support is available?

The Leading within a Group programme is expected to launch in April 2024. Invest NI provides a contribution of 49% towards programme costs.

The programme is completed over seven-eight months and is open for recruitment now.

How to apply

If you are interested in finding out more or applying for the Leading within a Group programme, please contact your Invest NI client executive or complete this enquiry form.

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