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Chapter 1 - Getting paid in export markets

4 minutes

Video Overview

Watching this tutorial will provide you with an understanding of the payment challenges when exporting and the options available to ensure against them.


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Chapter 2 - Risks of international trade

7 minutes

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Gain an understanding of the six broad areas or risk for businesses entering export markets.


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Chapter 3 - Methods and terms of payment

5 minutes

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Choosing the right method and terms of payment can protect your business from some of the risks of exporting. Find out about the payment options available here.


Export Finance: Risks of international trade

It can be exciting to close your first international sale but selling into export markets can bring new risks you must be able to finance an overseas contract and protect yourself against not being paid. Understanding export finance is key to successful exporting.

Watching this tutorial will make you aware of the many financing options available, so that you can choose the one that best suits your customer and your company.

At the end of the Tutorial you will be able to download a checklist to help with your decision making.

16 minutes
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