Northern Ireland (NI) showcased its strength as a global hub for the delivery of legal operations and innovation at CLOC London, accompanied by six exciting NI technology vendors to the sector.

The region has strong expertise in regulatory and compliance solutions, data analytics and cyber security combined with pioneering R&D in disruptive technologies such as blockchain and AI, further underpin the region’s strengths, propelling NI to become a global centre for technology and innovation. The region was recently ranked among the top three Fintech Locations of the Future, next to London and Singapore (FT fDi Markets, 2019).

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Who took part:

  • Anaeko is a specialist digital services provider, delivering intelligent multi-cloud analytics and data management in order to help organisations make informed decisions, optimise performance and deliver innovative services to their customers. Anaeko aim to improve organisational performance through insight using their adaptable service offerings in Integrated Analytics,Multi-Cloud Integration, Cloud Storage Optimisation and Multi-Cloud DevOps.

  • Etain is the home of Smarter Software for intelligent businesses and a leading Microsoft Partner in the UK and Ireland. Etain are experts in Digital Transformation, the provision of bespoke software applications and cloud based solutions for both public and private sectors. Etain have been providing custom development, resource augmentation and expert ICT consultancy for 19 years with extensive experience in the legal and financial sectors.

  • Repstor simplifies Microsoft 365 Information Management.  We specialise in optimising Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams productivity and information control. Harnessing the investment already made in these platforms, we offer substantial efficiency gains to our clients.  
    As companies consolidate their content management on Microsoft 365, Repstor provides an essential bridge – enabling tight integration and intuitive content management exchange with core business systems.

  • Salt Communications is the first company to provide a holistic solution for closed encrypted communications between modern smartphone users and the secure systems they access within their organisation. Our product provides full centralised control for administrators, as well as federated interfaces into and from trusted internal services. End users are those who need mobility coupled with the most secure voice and video calls, messaging and image/file transfer to enable critical decisions from any location.

  • The Robot Exchange have created a number of innovative solutions that assist clients across industrial verticals and across regions. Their DeVol product has delivered the ability to automate client’s manual and menial tasks with a no or low code solution. Investment has also meant their clients now have the ability to migrate from their existing RPA solutions.  and manage any changes to data extracts without further investment, a solution called “Citizen Development”. 

  • The Centre focuses on the intersection of law and technology to deliver educational programmes that create legal services market innovators. We undertake research for industry, public sector and academia to improve legal services delivery, and promote meaningful use of technology in legal practice and professional services delivery.

CLOC 2020 | London

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