Meet the companies that attended

Five Northern Ireland Tech companies travelled to the Danish capital, Copenhagen between 4 – 6 March 2024, to explore opportunities in the market and meet with a range of partners and clients.  

With a track record of success and one of the UK’s fastest-growing tech sectors, Northern Ireland is known internationally as a hub for knowledge and expertise in technology development.  Companies here provide world-class, cutting-edge services and technologies across the globe covering specialisms such as cyber security; fintech; AI & Data Analytics; govtech; and smart cities.

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Companies attending

  • With over 25 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, Allsop facilitates sales and operational growth through digital transformation for our clients. We achieve 40% sales growth via customer order automation and business insights for a broadline food distribution client. We've seen a 60% increase in scalable order fulfilment without needing additional personnel, for a niche ingredients distribution client. In line with our customer-first values, we prioritise your needs, ensuring increased sales revenue, improved staff experience, and 99% accuracy. The Process Automation platform automates manual tasks, encompassing everything from setting prices to processing orders and confirming deliveries.

  • Pytilia’s Data-Centric Microservices Accelerator (DCMA) delivers the next step change in productivity for enterprise software development – “speed without compromise”.

    It provides organisations with the foundations they need to quickly deliver business value from the core software services that power the business, simplifying the full application lifecycle across the Build, Deploy & Operate phases.

    DCMA brings together the best of Low Code, Data Fabric and Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) concepts to deliver a platform that is suitable for high end/mission critical deployments.

    It delivers key benefits including regulatory compliance, faster time to market and reduced overall cost of ownership.

  • Salt Communications enables sensitive organisations to protect their information, reputation and operations in order to remain productive, compliant and completely secure.

    Salt is a highly flexible and customisable secure communications system using optimal security architecture and best-in-class encryption.

    It is simple to use and can be deployed within your own infrastructure within hours. Providing peace of mind to organisations that prioritise privacy is what we do. We ensure complete security, secure end-to-end communications, safeguarding their relationships and crucial interests, while empowering quicker action.

  • Uptime Labs is an AI-driven IT incident drill platform designed to significantly reduce response time, cost and reputational damage associated with IT outages. We provide bespoke, educational simulations that improve the effectiveness of incident response and technical troubleshooting. Failures in digital infrastructure cost billions to business every year. The current approaches to IT outages are dated, wasteful and cause huge levels of stress among IT professionals, resulting in loss of revenue, increased talent churn and distraction from the things that really matter to your business.

  • Vertical Structure are an independent cyber security advisory company specialising in providing human-focused security and penetration testing services for web applications, cloud infrastructure and mobile applications.

    Vertical Structure’s services include security consulting, testing & training to clients through the principles of Prepare, Protect, Persist®

    Prepare We help you and your partners to understand how to identify and resolve potential security issues at the earliest stages with hands-on ‘hack yourself first’, threat modelling and GDPR compliance workshops as well as security training for non-technical colleagues.

    Protect Using automated and manual penetration testing techniques, we provide a comprehensive security report for your Web and mobile applications, including API testing, and networks. The report highlights potential issues and their resolutions.

    Persist We ensure that your organisation benefits from continual improvements in security levels through information assurance processes, auditing and certification including ISO27001:2013 and Cyber Essentials.